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Get the Alphachanneling art book & coloring book at a discounted price
Book Combo includes 
1 copy of Book of the Utopian Erotic
1 copy of Alphacoloring Vol 2, Dreaming In Color Erotic Coloring Book

ALPHACHANNELING: Book of the Utopian Erotic

Presenting the first printed collection of underground artist Alphachanneling's work. 110 Pages • Gold Foil Stamped Flexi-bound Cover • 8.25 inches X 10.25 inches/ 21cmX26cm

Page after page of full color reproductions, from primal and carnal to spiritual and divine, dirty and lustful and full of love and light. Alphachanneling's work has appeal both high and low and has been featured in articles and interviews by Huffington Post, Modern Painters, Cultured Magazine, W Magazine, Vulture and more. Order the book and find out what makes Alphachanneling's artwork equally at home in international gallery exhibitions and on social media. Whether you're one of the half million fans tripping on Alphachanneling's daily dose of sexual medicine on Instagram @alphachanneling or you're discovering the world of the Utopian Erotic for the first time, this book of the artist's work is an invitation to indulge in Alphachanneling's erotic exaltation of the sublime.


Dreaming In Color

Introducing the second volume in the Alphacoloring Erotic Coloring Book series.

  • 20 Alphachanneling artworks- including reworked classics & brand new works.
  • Formatted in black line work to accommodate a range of coloring styles.
  • Removable pages allow for easy removal of each artwork from the book.
  • Printed on a heavy weighted paper to accommodate a wide variety of media including markers, colored pencil, paints and more.

48 Pages • Gold Foil Stamped Soft Cover • 10.25 inches X 12.75 inches/ 26.035cm X 32.385cm

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