Drawing a New Deck: Your Choice Matters ♠♥♦♣

I'm shuffling ideas for the first Alphachanneling Deck of Playing Cards!

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There's a magic in holding a deck, where each card is a story and every draw, a surprise. And guess what? I'm on the brink of making my own. Imagine 54 cards, each with its unique art, breaking away from the monotony of traditional decks where only the royals get the spotlight.Imagine playing poker where one hand, flaunting intimate illustrations, trumps another. Talk about changing the stakes. 

But here's the joker in the pack: I'm torn between three design themes:

1. The classic blue-red line art – my signature.
2. The timeless red/black duo that resonates with traditional decks.
3. A vibrant, full-color palette that’s bold and visually arresting, but perhaps trickier for gameplay.

Which card would you play? Vote for your favorite style and be the ace in my deck. Your input is the game-changer.


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