Alchemy Editions: Printing With Gold


The Alchemy Editions highlight my renewed passion for printmaking, specifically screen-printing. Over the past year, I've perfected a gold foiling technique, introducing a fresh visual style for me. Click here to see my printing process.

Initially, I was concerned the gold's reflectivity might be restrictive, making the prints look right only at specific angles and lighting. However, I discovered the gold foil's dynamic nature made each angle and light condition reveal a unique version of the artwork. This process enchanted me, as I came to see light as a medium. While I shape the image and layout, the artwork's look continually changes.

The vibrant nature of these pieces aligns with the alchemical theme of my artwork. They draw out hidden desires from shadows—caused by shame, fear, or the unknown—and illuminate their inherent beauty and divine energy.

Since the first release in December of 2022, the series is now comprised of the following ten artworks each in a limited edition of 100.
Wild Roses / HoneySuckle / Peach Tree / Morning Glory / Helping Hands / Secret Garden / Lost in Ecstasy / Deep Dream / Love Seat /Expanding Universe

Wild Roses Print Wild Roses

Peach Tree

Honeysuckle PrintHoneySuckle

Helping Hands PrintHelping Hands

Morning Glory Print
Morning Glory

Expanding Universe

Love Seat

Secret Garden

Lost in Ecstasy

Deep Dream


More releases are currently in the works.

Each Alchemy Print Collection by Alphachanneling are limited edition series of 100 handmade prints, screen-printed by the artist with black ink and metallic gold foil.

Wild Roses Printing Process.


Secret Garden Printing Process
Making Expanding Universe



The series delves into the themes of shadow and light, lead and gold, and how the interaction and transformation of materials can give rise to something that is both beautiful and meaningful. Each print is crafted by hand using an intricate serigraphy process that involves layering gold foil over ink, resulting in a unique process that produces variations within the series. The prints bear authenticity marks, such as offset edges, gold transfer, and ink erosion, which showcase the handcrafted nature of the process and differentiate the series from computerized printing methods.

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