Last Look: Studio's Final Moments

Leaving a magical place behind.

The time has come for me to pack up my drawing studio, my creative sanctuary when I'm not at the printmaking studio.

I've spent countless hours in this magical place immersed in my imagination, with the sunshine, storms, and moonlight filtering through the skylights This studio always felt part treehouse and part cockpit of a spaceship.

Here's a photo of the space where so much of the artwork I've shared with you has originated from. 

A small selection of artwork that I photographed while packing up the archives.
Artist studios are more than just workspaces; they're sacred places where imagination meets reality, where visions are captured into material form. These studios become sanctuaries of inspiration, playing an integral role in my artistic journey. The attachment to these spaces runs deep, as they are not just physical locations but emotional landscapes where ideas flourish and art comes to life. Each studio I've called my own has left an indelible mark on my work, shaping my path and nurturing my creative spirit in ways that words can scarcely capture.

Moving On to New Creative Spaces

Leaving this space is a bittersweet moment, but with the transition comes new beginnings and the exciting prospect of fresh inspiration for my future work. Looking forward to updating you with my new setup when the time comes!

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