Exploring the Tarot: The Star Card

Trust the Universe

Amidst chaos and uncertainty, I find myself yearning for hope, optimism and harmony. Drawing inspiration from the Star card in the Tarot, it serves as a beacon, reminding me that our personal paths mirror the grand orbits of the stars above. Even when I grapple with uncertainty, The Star promises a future alignment with life's profound rhythm. This treasured card's essence is what I tried to capture in this special screen print.

The Star Screen Print

The Star is a unique 4-color screen print, limited to just 7 prints. Every print showcases spontaneous variations in colors, layers, and elements—making each one distinct. Explore each variant and choose the one that resonates with you.

The Star sketch and group of prints


As I journey through the Tarot, I'm delving deep into the personal significance of each card. For me, The Star epitomizes the joyful state of being in alignment with one's true purpose, like being guided by a shining star. It embodies a blissful flow where creativity and wisdom intertwine, instilling a profound trust in both oneself and the universe, infusing every act with effortless purpose. A reminder that our personal narratives are the reflection of the vast cosmic tale.



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