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The Wrestlers

The Wrestlers

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Ltd. Ed. Print by Alphachanneling

Title: The Wrestlers, 2016

Size: 15" × 11"  35.6 cm × 27.9 cm Signed Limited Edition Run of 20

Two-color block print 

The Wrestlers is inspired by legendary confrontations between forces of equally matched power. Two stags with their antlers locked in struggle for domination. The roaring lion up against the venomous cobra. There’s a kind of witnessing of another’s life force that can only be known by coming up directly against it. There’s a respect and intimacy with another that arises from the mutual acknowledgement of each other’s comparable vitality and sovereignty. This piece explores the exquisite border of tension where polarities meet in opposition, but as lovers rather than enemies. Two great forces wrestling against each other, the ecstasy of making love...out of which arises the union of the whole.