TATTOO PASS is your permission to get one of my artworks tattooed on your body. 

I am always thrilled when people resonate so deeply with one of my artworks that they choose to get one tattooed as part of their own personal physical expression.

It's important that your tattoo represents not just what you uniquely identify with and believe in but also your relationship to those things that you value. 

Purchasing the TATTOO PASS is how you can make sure that your tattoo is a fair exchange between you and me. It is an opportunity for you to support my art making so I can sustain my life as an artist and continue to make new work.

The TATTOO PASS is offered in three levels: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
Choose your level based on your resonance with the spirit that compels my artwork and your desire to be in solidarity with my dream to make more.

And please send me a photo of your tattoo! I love to see the ways different tattoo artists translate my artwork.

The TATTOO PASS gives you permission to tattoo one of my artworks on to your body only. It is not permission for you to tattoo my artwork on to other people. I do not send any files or prepared images as part of this purchase, it is solely for the permission to use the artwork and any image requirements are to be arranged with the tattoo artist you are paying to tattoo you. 


For customers outside the USA, be aware that local taxes, duties, or VAT may apply to your order. These additional charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost and will be the sole responsibility of the customer. By completing your order, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.

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