Alpha Starter Pack

$95.00 $113.00

Step into the world of Alphachanneling with this curated bundle of fan-favorites.

Get your creative juices flowing with "Dreaming in Color," the enchanting coloring book that allows you to add your personal touch to iconic erotic art. Then, delve deeper into the imaginative and sensual universe with the "Book of the Utopian Erotic," an art book that celebrates the erotic in its most beautiful form. Adorn your personal spaces with the Classic Collection Sticker Pack and give your apparel a cheeky twist with the irresistible Chenille Peach Patch . Save big and indulge in this starter pack bundle that has a little something for everyone. 

Bundle Includes:

1 Dreaming in Color: Alphachanneling Coloring Book
1 Book of the Utopian Erotic: Alphachanneling Art Book
1 Sticker Pack- Classic Collection (includes two sheets)
1 Peach Patch- Sew-On Chenille

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