Welcome Curious Seeker!

Thank you for following the Secret Path that leads to the Utopian Erotic.  


It's a place where each of us is free to believe in our own dream of love, joy and desire. A place free from shame, judgement and even our own self-censorship.

Though we may not share the same desires or ideals, what we do share is a commitment to holding sacred desire, beauty and all that inspires us.

Join me

Join me in celebrating nature's life force and all that animates us with desire and compels us to make love and create. Like a wolf howling at the moon, my art is a dedication to the vastness, the greatness. 

I invite you to bring your own unique colors to the pages of the Alphacoloring Book, write notes to a lover on the card sets or find an original or print that activates your heart's desires.

The Erotic Paradox

Have you noticed how the Erotic is diminished rather than elevated, profaned rather than exalted?

Could there be anything more profound than Love: the experience of unity among all that is (from it's most fleeting touch…to our ultimate surrender)

And is there anything more universal (since the genesis of life itself) than Sex: the drive to create more life?

Personally, I can imagine no other subject matter as expansive and meaningful to explore and dedicate my art to, how ironic that culturally it's censored, distorted and subverted.

Let's create our own culture where we indulge and celebrate the Erotic.

As you explore my artwork, my wish is for you to find something that resonates and calls forth a unique dream, a joy, a desire that you've been holding within.

With Love

Color in your desires

Alfacoloring Vol 2


Alfacoloring Vol 2