Erotic Nature: Wild Joy- Curating a Public Art Exhibition

Want to have your art displayed larger than life on a giant billboard catching the attention of hundreds or thousands of people who pass by everyday?

SaveArtSpace x Alphachanneling is excited to present Erotic Nature - Wild Joy, a public art exhibition on billboard ad spaces throughout the USA starting August 2024, curated by Alphachanneling.


Have you ever felt Nature evoke in you your raw, untamed erotic instincts? Does the interconnection between erotic pleasure and the elemental force and beauty of nature awaken something in you? Erotic Nature - Wild Joy is an invitation for artists to submit their wildest works that explore the deep, primal connection between erotic desire and the natural world. 

Embrace nature’s life-giving power and explore how it compels your erotic energy and sexual vitality. Let your creativity flow and show us your vision where the generative power of the Earth merges with human sexuality in a fluid and unbounded exploration of both. We'll do our best to showcase works that are erotic yet within a public art sensibility. 

Deadline for submissions is July 15, 2024. This is an opportunity to have your work placed on billboard ad space across America. Both national and international Artists are invited to submit. 

 There is a $10 donation per image submission to participate, each donation is tax deductible and goes to producing the public art. Selected artists will be announced after July 29, 2024. Public art will be installed August 26, 2024 in select cities across America.


Image below of my billboard that was part of the Cosmic Shift billboard exhibition curated by Jen Stark in 2022 with Save Art Space, read more about it here.

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